Do Business Objects sessions stay open in the Report Launch application


Our session optimization feature allows navigation across the Report Launch application and will log the user session on and off of the Business Objects system as needed when resources are not being used. When configured properly, standard navigation through the Report Launch application should result in a net 0 open user session(s).

  • Example: Report Launch will create a session for a user and close the Business Objects session when the requested data is grabbed. 
    • User logs into dashboard to view report list, a BO session is created to grab folder list and session is closed while user can still view report list in Report Launch. 
    • Next user clicks on a report name to open report, another session is opened to grab parameters of report and closed while user sets their parameters in Report Launch.

However users will have an open BO session while viewing a report in our HTML viewer. For this a delay can be added that allows a user a set amount of time to continue to navigate data (e.g. multi-tab reports, dashboard connection, et cetera). Our log off delay can set a time limit on inactive viewing and close inactive viewing sessions. But if the user is given a call report with an office format export the session will close immediately.

NOTE: System account is only used on first login to generate domains then logged off and not again for that session.