• Added Link to Advanced Attributes to main AppName Screen
  • Report List supports agnostic and specifically Tableau reports 


  • Parameter admin updates no longer freezes launch portal 
  • Fixed column selection caching. Use keep_report_prompt_vals: Y. Setting to N will use column set in parameter admin. 
  • Fixed scheduling a report to email for future date 
  • LOV prompts display up to 200 values available but checking select all with select all values available
  • Fixed Cache report servlet, using wrong url to retrieve images
  • Fixed swallowing exceptions for images
  • Column fix, improving logging of exceptions
  • Fix for the callreportpart drill filter slice.
  • Fixed savepromptvaluetosession could not compile because of Java 7+ code (WebSphere issue)
  • Fixed Dahboard Admin Group display 
  • Added missing column to SQL to update parameter table when report is later then last update 
  • Fixed caching for call reports 
  • Restore formatting to reports post column selection using REST 

Known Issues

  1. Interactive grid can time out on extremely large reports
  2. Prompt group restrictions do not prohibit report execution if mandatory prompts in the group are filled in
  3. Detail Auditing may have issues with some older databases.  Summary auditing is working fine.
  4. PPT and Word Exports may show memory errors in Websphere