• Tab names are changed depending on which domain users are logged into.
  • LaunchPages allows user to create custom content based on user domains also.
  • RESTful HTML pagination implemented so that users can navigate multi-page reports more easily.


  • Bug with tab security fixed so that only users with the correct permissions see defined content. 
  • Our lazy load feature for large numbers of LOV's got upgraded.
  • We fixed an issue whereby Microsoft's Edge browser wasn't rendering our report list correctly.
  • Implementing the dl_suppress_singletablabel application attribute allows for tab suppression and UX splendidness.
  • XLS exports now get headers from their associated Webi reports.
  • Some reports didn't get scheduled when requested. We fixed our scheduler so they do.
  • Users reported some quirky pop-up display navigation behaviours. We fixed those too.
  • We also made some UX improvements for PowerPoint downloads, since they take a bit longer to generate than most other exports.