Report Launch Deployment Guide

LaunchWorks' Report Launch easily integrates into your environment with just a few steps.  This document allows you to follow the steps for implementing report list and report part functionality. 

Additional configuration such as end-to-end security integration, firewall configuration, data filtering, caching and administration training are part of the QuickLaunch Implementation during your software installation. Checklist

Prerequisites to Environment Setup:

  • Access to the LaunchWorks application
  • Privileges to create tabs, pages and dashboards in your or account.

App and Tab Configuration

The two top levels of the application stack are the App and the Tab.   In addition to creating custom screens, workflows, and data fields the App allows you to setup multiple sets of tabs for showing pages, dashboards and other content.

Create Tab

Using the account drop down list, select the Setup link and open the App Setup panel.  If you do not see the setup option or the App Setup panel, contact your system administrator to request the correct privileges.


Once the App Setup is visible click on the Tabs link and then click on New in the Web Tabs Section.

Application Connection

To test your tab on the LaunchWorks demonstration servers paste the URL below into the Link URL field to link the tab to a Launch template. 

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Report List

http://<launch_server>/launch/reports.jsp?AppName=launch&SfdcSessionId={!API.Session_ID}&Sfdc Url={!API.Partner_Server_URL_220}

launch_server = Launch Tomcat URL including the port number

Click on the Preview Web Tab.   A successful setup test will result in the following screen:


Depending on your security you will have the options to apply the tab to one or more profiles and apps in Step 4 and Step 5 of the Tab addition process.



The final step is to save the tab under the Apps that the tab should be presented.


The URL does not contain any BOE username. Only the SF API session and API URL are passed to Launch Application.

Launch Application picks up the Federation ID (BOE Username) in the user profile and uses that to login BOE security layer

BOE User Name

SFDC User Profile