Network environment options

The RapidStack platform supports Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Mixed IPv4/IPv6 network traffic. You can use the server and client components in any of the following environments:

  • IPv4 network: all server and client components run with IPv4 protocol only.
  • Mixed IPv6/IPv4 network: server and client components can run with both IPv6 and IPv4 protocols.i.e.
    • IPv6-only (IPv6 stack enabled, IPv4 stack installed and IPv4 stack disabled)
    • IPv6/IPv4 mixed (both IPv6 stack and IPv4 stack enabled)
    • IPv4 only (IPv4 stack enabled, IPv6 stack disabled or uninstalled) hosts.


  • Network configuration should be performed by the system and network administrator. The platform does not provide a mechanism to designate a networking environment. You can use the CMC to bind to a specific IPv6 or IPv4 address for any of your platform servers.
  • Pure IPv6 stack (IPV6 alone installed and enabled) is not supported. However, Mixed IPv6 network is supported.
  • there are several cache files that will contain IP addresses used in routing so if there are changes it is best to coordinate that change so that there are not cached routes that do not exist as this could cause slowness as old addresses are checked.