• OAuth 2 implementation of authorization code flow for all platforms
  • Performance enhancements
  • Increased Tableau support allowing for native REST calls, bulk deletes, get and create schedules
  • Increased Cognos support including LDAP authentication, reports and report lists


  • Fix for Cognos folders with null ownership
  • Fix for BOE get universe bug
  • Support for large report exports in BOE
  • Tableau view report list bug fixed

Known issues

  • OAuth authorization codes and tokens are currently stored in memory, which means that clients must re-authenticate when new releases are deployed.
  • LaunchMonitor does not have own log file - logs can be found in std.out or catalina.out 

Implementation Changes (For Cloud Customers)

  • Reauthenticate to create new token

Deployment Guide (for On Premise Customers)

  1. Remove old LaunchBI & LaunchMonitor code
  2. Upload LaunchBI to appropriate web server folder (e.g tomcat/webapps)
  3. restart web server verify & update LaunchBI config if necessary (LaunchBI/admin)