• Improved authentication logging
  • WebSphere compatibility fixes 
  • Admin screen now identifies ReportLaunch version and configuration
  • Reports can now be scheduled to a disk location 
  • Users can be removed from groups and categories 


  • Crystal Reports can now be executed using a RESTful ReportLaunch configuration
  • BOE Windows AD authentication fix
  • Cascading prompt fix
  • Caching fix to allow folders to be changed via URL parameters
  • Fix for grandchild group access to configured BOE domains
  • Licence key error fix to ensure out of date license keys get reported as such
  • Fix to ensure all attributes successfully change when you switch between appnames
  • Report list caching fix
  • Fix to ensure direct report calls behave when ReportList view is filtered
  • Fix to ensure switching folders via the URL is supported.
  • Better support for REST prompts
  • Bugfix for Back & Report List buttons when refreshing reports
  • PDF orientation fix