• We made some major modifications to our application architecture to make it compatible when running with the BOE REST server.
  • We provided root folder support for the ParameterAdmin application.


  • Navigation fixed so when users schedule a report, they can get back to other reports they may also want to schedule.
  • Auditing fixed so it captures users who login via the default login page. 
  • Document upload fixed so that multiple versions of the same document can be uploaded and accessed via a history tab which displays all historic instances.
  • We fixed a bug so that PDF's can now be downloaded with all of the report tabs, via Call Report External, instead of just the second one.
  • Webi reports with grids were failing when run under REST. We fixed the app so now you can run reports and grids in a state of REST with complete impunity!
  • Various web application security fixes implemented to improve the overall level of security when running Launch Reports.
  • The date picker function disappeared from our parameter selection pages for some reason. We put it back.
  • Refreshing Dashboard tabs was causing exceptions in our code. Now when users refresh, they'll get a warning and any previously submitted values will be re-sent to the server.