When saving the report in the testing environment 

1) choose a folder in order to best organize and secure the reports

2) Purge your data and prompts

3) Add a date stamp on the bottom left with the date that the reprot was updated.  Thsi way if the report is printed it can be confirmed if the paper report is the latest version

4) give the report a description, 

5) click on refresh on open to ensure that the report is refreshed automatically and is not viewed as empty

Data Security

Make sure to save reports without data.   This ensures that users opening the reports never see date they are not secured to see.

This also makes the reports more efficient as the report templates are smaller and faster to open.

Fro Crystal deselect the Save data with report option in the file menu

In web intelligene use the Data access/data Providers cick the purse and also select he checkbox 

Data Quality

Do not be tempted to fix data errors in the source system with business rules in the report.  


In Web Intelligence when creating prompts in your query with list of values make sure that previous values are not kept . 

For data prompts also deselect the option use a list of values as this slows down the prompt screen when the calendar selector is the most efficient wayt to choose a date