Webi Reports used as dashboard content may be designed with drill-through hyperlinks to take advantage of ad-hoc drilling. This is supported in two ways. First, callreportpart_drll.jsp may be used. This is described in the Dashboard Administration Page section. However, to support full ad-hoc features with pop-up window support, the "callreport.jsp" syntax may be used.

1.1.1  Basic Syntax of callreport.jsp

The url syntax of callreport.jsp is:




. . . where {ReportName} is the name of the report (do not include brackets). Report Names can include spaces. Note that the preceding "../" is required for the callreport.jsp page to be properly called.

1.1.2  Passing Prompt Values

If passing of prompt values are required, The prompt syntax is:




. . . where {prompt1} is the full name of the prompt, including spaces and any trailing colon (":"), and {value1} is the value being passed, etc. For multiple parameter values, use a semi-colon (";") as a delimiter. Example:


http://localhost:8089/launch/callreport.jsp?AppName=reportlaunch&ReportTitle=Drill%20Down - Inventory Summary by DC&SA=Enter value(s) for DC:=Orlando;Type:=ABC