The default configuration includes 3 environments (boe41, biprws41 and dummy) and uses ‘localhost’ and relative paths (assumes BO is installed on the same machine as the web app server). 

The boe41 and biprws41 environments are defaulted to session optimized mode.

When you go to the admin page (http://<server>:<port>/LaunchBI/admin), the script box contains example statements you can used to change the appropriate settings.

Click ‘Update’ to update the configuration database and ‘Apply’ to re-load the configuration into LaunchBI.

The attached file is an example of a script that will completely re-initialize the configuration.  You can use that as a template to quickly configure LaunchBI after you publish it.


Download the files to the server in a temporary location
Uncompress LaunchBI 
jar -xvf LaunchBI
Edit the LaunchBI/WEB-INF/ for any environment specific settings below
Compress the LaunchBI application
jar –cvf ./LaunchBI/*



Drop into Tomcat web apps folder


Launch BI Installer