When  trying an RSS or JSON call for report list to retrieve OpenDoc URL's, the application can see the folder ID. But when the app requests the list of reports from that folder, it returns an error that the “folder cannot be found“



Short answer:


                Comment the line that contains BOE_DEFAULT_FOLDER in the file.  Or, set it to 23.


Long answer:

There are 2 default folder properties in the file:


· BOE_DEFAULT_FOLDER_ROOT – This one sets the default for the Folder/list call

· BOE_DEFAULT_FOLDER – This one sets the default for the Report/list call, but if not specified will use the value for BOE_DEFAULT_FOLDER_ROOT.


As documented in the Report/list subsection of the Launch API documentation,

The BOE_DEFAULT_FOLDER line comes pre-commented in the WAR file.  If it has been uncommented with a value of for example 5166, it will limit the query to the child folders of that folder which will not match the one in the URL query