When configuring a newly installed Business Objects server, User Groups must be created into which Users will be added. In order for the groups to be able to see any of the contents of Public Folders, the Top Level Security must be set appropriately. Without this set, the new groups you create will be unable to view any Public Folders.

Setting Top-Level Access for Built-In Everyone Group

  1. Access CMC
  2. Go to Folders
  3. Go to Manage in the top left corner
  4. Go to Top-Level Security > All Folders
  5. Select Everyone and it will highlight in blue
  6.  While highlighted, click Assign Security at the top right
  7. A new window will appear - select the Advanced Tab
  8. Click on the Add / Remove Rights link.  
  9. Find View objects in the list of General Global Rights 
  10. Select Grant
  11. Check Object  
  12. Un-check Sub-Objects


Setting Security Permissions for Folders

  1. Add the Security Group to a folder
  2. Give it appropriate access level (Full, View, etc.)
  3. Update Everyone group to No Access, by removing all access levels from that group