I had a question about the SQL requirement for LaunchWorks. Is this a configuration DB for the app itself, or is there a requirement for the system to be connecting to the Business Objects DB? With the LaunchWorks server being located in the DMZ can I locate the SQL server there as well? What are the specific DB requirements in terms of size, security accounts, etc?


Yes, the Application database will be the configuration database for the app itself. We do not need access to the BOE database.


Especially for the initial install, it will be on the server itself so it will only use a local account and the data is about a Megabyte for the different settings.


In the future, the database is being replaced by an internal data scheme so the need for a database engine itself will go away. The option for a relational database will still remain for customers that want the information on their internal database but that will not be a requirement.