DMZ requirements for Report

For some Enterprise Architecture Setups, the requirement of the LaunchPortal web servers to be hosted in the DMZ or from the cloud will be a requirement.

LaunchPortal can be setup using this architecture environment, assuming that the following networking and firewall rules are setup and in place.

Firewall Port Openings

To properly setup/run a Report LaunchPortal in the DMZ, at a minimum, the following ports will need to be opened for access to major systems and servers. The list below should be considered a guideline, as unique environmental requirements may require more ports to be opened.


Business Objects CMC Connection: Port 6400 (default for CMS as defined in CCM) 

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Servers: Port(s) 5000-5005

BusinessObjects File Input/Output Servers: Port(s) 5500-5505

BusinessObjects CMS Name Port ( for Return Communication): Port 6410(or as specified as CMC under CMS service) 

BusinessObjects REST API: port 6405 or as specified on proxy definition under WACS server in CMC) 

If your installing LaunchPortal in the DMZ and database is internal to the network

SQL Server(s) for backend LaunchDB: Port 1433

SQL Server(s) for application DB (Grouping/User Profile DB’s): Port 1433

Oracle for backend LaunchDB: Port 1521 or as specified in Oracle

Oracle for application DB (Grouping/User Profile DB’s): Port 1521 or as specified in Oracle