DMZ requirements for Report

For some Enterprise Architecture Setups, the requirement of the LaunchWorks web servers to be hosted in the DMZ will be a requirement.

LaunchWorks can be setup using this architecture environment, assuming that the following networking and firewall rules are setup and in place.

Firewall Port Openings

To properly setup/run a Report Launchportal in the DMZ, at a minimum, the following ports will need to be opened for access to major systems and servers. The list below should be considered a guideline, as unique environmental requirements may require more ports to be opened.



SQL Server(s) for backend LaunchDB: Port 1433

SQL Server(s) for application DB (Grouping/User Profile DB’s): Port 1433

Business Objects CMC Connection: Port 6400

Business Objects Webi Servers: Port(s) 5000-5005

Business Objects File Input/Output Servers: Port(s) 5500-5505

Business Objects CMS Server (Return Communication): Port 4088