To turn on the Interactive Viewer on the Report View, please follow these steps:


1) Make sure user is part of a specific group (e.g. Interactive_Viewer_Users or Administrators) 

2) Open a browser

3) Navigate to servername:8080/launch/administration

4) Login as administrator

5) In the admin console, click Edit link for the “launch“ AppName

6) Check the box next to Interactive Viewer in the Desktop - Report List - Show/Hid Icons section

7) Scroll down and click on More Attributes Link

8) Click on Add Attribute

9) Add interactive_viewer and set the value to Y

10) Click Add Attribute again

11) Add interactive_viewer_group and set to a value of the group that should have access (e.g. Interactive_Viewer_Users or Administrators)

12) Click Save button

Setting Interactive Viewer as your default viewer

After turning on Interactive Viewer - To make Interactive Viewer your default viewer upon running a webi report, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to servername: 8080/launch/administration

2) Login as administrator

3) In the admin console, click Edit link for the “launch“ AppName

4) Find the attribute Default Report Viewer and set it to Interactive Viewer (Webi Only)