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Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you with your analysis and decisions


o Which Operating Systems can be used?

You can use client’s choice of Linux, Window, or Unix under list of supported BOE platforms

o What assurances does LaunchWorks provide about secure design, implementation and testing?

Basis of platform is secure , multi-tenant java application created to embed BI content alongside customers BOE Security into other web applications.  Software is tested in each release against the standards of industry (i.e. SQL injection) to match same level of SAP Business Objects


o What is the level of Data protection at rest?

No client data is stored on the LaunchWorks server.


o What is LaunchWorks responsible to provide for support and patches?

There are 12 months of support/upgrades as part of licensed software maintenance.  Standard agreement terms include SLA based response and severity level based handling of issues through our Customer Care team.  Patches , upgrades and documentation are provided to customer as released.  LaunchWorks can also provide managed services to maintain servers for client.

o Remote access to support the LW system/application? What is expected? Required?

VPN or remote access to server required as part of remote installation.  Remote support post 30 day warranty period can be provided via remote access.   Ongoing managed services and onsite support are both higher support options.


o What is our responsibility to cover in regard to security/privacy?

While data security is our client’s responsibility to properly manage BOE security, firewalls and SFDC security the LW security architecture is tied directly to the BOE group/data relationships and tested to ensure SFDC/LW/BOE software configuration matches the strict requirements of both and SAP.  LaunchWorks can also train clients on BOE and SFDC security best practices if requested.


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